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20+ Combined

AVA isn’t like your typical “design, build, and ship products and services” company. While that’s an aspect of what we do, we believe that model is broken and aim to resolve this through a new direction, custom-built for the next generation of technology, media, and culture. 

Our model is future-focused, offered as subscriptions and packages specifically tailored and refined based on our vast experience. These offerings allow us to provide bleeding edge sustainable solutions that positively impact you, your revenue and your day to day life. It also means we stick around to ensure our work resonates and guarantees ROI.

The studio and way we do things might be new in 2018, but the people behind it aren’t. We’ve partnered on projects all over the world and launched hundreds of products over the last decade. To put it in perspective, we’ve assisted on projects that have affected millions and made billions. 

We’re now taking this knowledge and offering our sustainable models to industries and innovations we care about most. With lots of little luxuries included to make the project feel like what it is, an exclusive experience. We don’t make expensive fluff or ludicrous pitch decks and then run away. We ensure our work is sustainable and long-lasting. Bringing unique concepts to life by listening to users, customers and consumers and guaranteeing their delight.

In late 2018, we decided to package up some of our most popular offerings into Service-O-Rama - Making our pricing more transparent and helping make the process of selecting the right agency for you (hopefully us) a breeze!

Key Personnel

Jamie Syke



Creative Director

James Routledge



Product Director

Plus Frequent Collaborators

"Jamie and his team were complete professionals. Their approach and clear knowledge of designing products were an asset to the team."

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