We are a sustainable vision studio. Offering technology, media and culture brands the answers to their big problems, through product, innovation, and design solutions.

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We worked with Beamery at a critical inflexion point in their early growth. Working alongside their existing team, we provided invaluable coaching, mentoring and product expertise to help shape their business strategy and give them the foundations for success. Since working together,​ Beamery secured a $28M series B round and critical praise.

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We’re helping Daye, a feminine health startup, revolutionise the reproductive health space. Starting with CBD-infused, hemp tampons, but with much bigger aims. We’re assisting with product roadmap, creative execution, user testing, and ensuring market fit.

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Assisted the Daily Mirror's parent company to make “clickbait” and “fake news” advertisements a thing of the past, with smart, customisable, targeted ads, built on their very own platform. We owned the entire production process from ideation through to delivery.​

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